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Over the past several years, Bergara has become one of the most respected barrel makers in the world. Manufactured in Bergara, Spain and being used by numerous top-tier gun manufacturers in both Europe and the United States, Bergara has combined the most technically-advanced barrel manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art machinery and an unwavering commitment to quality. Now, with Bergara Rifles, we are building an entire gun around these premium barrels – a gun so good it allows our barrels to perform at their absolute best.

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The guys who build our Bergara Custom Rifles have the highest level of experience in their craft. With either the Marine Corps Precision Weapons Section or the Department of Defense, they’ve built and maintained precision firearms for elite U.S. military personnel – warriors who staked their lives on the accuracy and dependability of those guns each and every day. Now, at Bergara, they’re applying that same expertise to building precision, custom-made, tactical and hunting rifles for you. 

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